Project Type

Design System


UX/UI Designer


Dev – Tyler Morian
Dev – Gareth McDonald


Motion Tactic

SimpleStage is a project management platform that helps creative agencies simplify and streamline the process of collaborating and collecting client input on digital projects.


A vibrant design system to disrupt the mundane.

I was tasked with developing a design system for SimpleStage that could be easily expanded and adapted upon as the platform continues to grow and evolve overtime.

A visual identity, marketing website, and initial prototype had already been created before I was brought onto the project. These elements served as jumping off points for the development of the design system.


Inject some serious personality into the mundane nature of task management by creating a design system that prioritizes clear and actionable dashboards, while also having a fresh and visually pleasing design aesthetic.


A system that utilizes bright, vibrant colors and playful graphics, while also relying heavily on best practices to create dashboards that are both visually appealing and highly functional.