Califia Farms

Project Type



Senior Designers


CD – Brandon Bayer
AM – Kristina Wade



Califia Farms is a leader in the plant-based beverage space on a mission to transform our food system for the betterment of our planet, communities, and health.


Designing for the plant-curious customer

Known mostly for their delicious plant-based milk beverages, Califia Farms has experienced significant growth over the last few years quickly becoming a leader in the plant-based space. The introduction of Calilujah!, their first ever large-scale media campaign, signified a “coming-out party” for the brand with broad-reaching media tactics including a national television spot and global out-of-home presence. With their grassroots marketing efforts paying off, the need for a  fresh, engaging website became essential.


Califia came to Envoy with three main objectives they wanted to achieve with their new website:

  • Design an engaging experience for highly experimental customers
  • Showcase the variety and versatility of their products
  • Create a content hub where plant-curious customers can learn more about the brand and discover new ways to use their products


We solved Califia’s challenges in simple, yet effective ways to create a website worthy of the brand’s loyal following and big personality.

  • Whimsical animations and videos showcase the brands fun personality.
  • The brand's full spectrum color palette was leveraged to visually categorize product lines, making them easier to navigate between on the site.
  • Product promotions appear in key moments throughout the site providing multiple pathways for content discovery.