Project Type

UI Design


Senior Designer


CD - Mathew Majcher



Advanced beauty treatments have traditionally come with high price points and marketing strategies that cater exclusively to women. Aever aims to flip this script by offering state-of-the-art aesthetic services at an affordable price in a way that's accessible to everyone.


A luxurious site for an accessible brand

Aever, a medical aesthetics brand, partnered with Envoy to design a website coinciding with the grand opening of their first clinic in the Netherlands. Aever aims to revolutionize the industry by offering premium services—such as hydrafacials, laser hair removal, and injectables—at significantly discounted rates.
Our mission was to create a site that would attract a diverse clientele, both male and female. We were provided with interior renderings of the clinic and a simple set of visual guidelines to inform our design process.

The final site took on a subtle yet powerful minimalist approach. We wanted the design to not only be accessible to a broad audience but also encapsulate a sense of understated luxury, reflecting the brand’s sophisticated ethos.

Art direction

We deliberately selected authentic, down-to-earth photography, breaking away from the industry norm of heavily retouched, idealized imagery. This choice aims to promote more realistic beauty standards and encourage each individual to celebrate their unique beauty.

We also embraced a neutral color palette throughout to evoke a sense of calm and serenity, ensuring the aesthetic aligns with the spa-like interior design of their brick-and-mortar locations.