Project Type

Visual Identity


Lead Designer


Ryan Shindler
Jason Shindler


Freelance work

Visual identity for a technology-forward, mobile workspace concept.


Create an optimal flow state environment

The founder of Shapecraft has a vision for how our work environments can work harder for us. Through adaptive technology that responds to each changing mode of the day and supportive ergonomics, Shapecraft aims to create the optimal flow state environment.

The founder came to me to create a visual identity that would embody the subtle, yet impactful nature of his vision. The craft’s renderings and materiality served as my inspiration while the companies vision provided purpose and a solid anchor point to continually return to when making decisions.

Digital Assets

The design system started with their website and expanded to their case management platform and multiple campaign landing pages.

We reserved their primary brand color, cobalt blue, for important and impactful moments. Secondary hues are used sparingly as pops of color within imagery or small UI elements.